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Moondrop Mountain

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Dec 23, 2021


Moondrop Mountain is a cozy roguelite farming game where each crop will affect its neighbors - for better or for worse! Unlock rare and powerful seeds that teleport to new locations, boost the value of their neighbors, or clone themselves into nearby soil. Discover new perks and blueprints that will help you master the four Farming Elements. Brew potions to strengthen your plants using the randomized alchemy system. The nearby mountain trail offers both rewards and distractions, but don't spend the whole day fishing! There's only sixteen days until summer is over!

Moondrop Mountain is a mashup the farm sim and roguelike genres. Each game will be different, depending on the perks and potions that you discover. Each game will be short, lasting 30 - 40 minutes. Each game will have new solutions to its procedurally-generated puzzles. Learn to bend its systems to your advantage and build the best farm Moondrop Mountain has ever seen!


WASD: Move (option to use an AZERTY keyboard instead of QWERTY)
F: Plantovision. Pause time and plan out your seed planting
Space or Tab: Inventory menu
1 - 8: Item hotkeys
Left click and hold: Use equipped item
Right click: Unequip item
Mouse wheel: Scroll through hotkeys

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